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01 November 2018
Date: 01 - 03 November
The Kaz’Out Festival is a music festival organised once a year to promote the diversity of musical cultures and put forward international and local artists. The organisers would like to welcome and explore all musical avenues to create a colourful cocktail of genres.  
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16 November 2018

Date: 16 to 25 November

The Festival Kreol is, at its core, a manifestation of Mauritian and kreol identity and a celebration of culture of the island as experienced through music, dance, arts, craft, cuisine, customs and the general way of life.  It offers the Mauritian a fascinating week full of the colors, sound and fragrances of the kreol world that treasures its traditions as well as its present.

Organiser : Ministry of Tourism and MTPA


Organiser : MTPA in collaboration with private operators