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25 April 2019

The 4th edition of the Mauritius Tour Beachcomber (MTB) will yet again beckon mountain bikers in the very depth of a vast playing field loaded with challenges, discovery and breath-taking sceneries. The Beachcomber touch promises a dreamlike experience at each pedal stroke on unique trails, an experience where participants will expend their energy while contemplating the ocean from afar. 

Organizer :- Beachcomber Resorts



11 May 2019

Royal Raid, the first and fantastic Mauritian Trail run that will lead you inside our Island and makes you discover unforgettable tropical sceneries.

Every year, local and international runners and hikers enjoy the event friendly atmosphere.

Organizer : Racing Republic 




13 June 2019
This competition is held in the south and south-West of Mauritius island on a yearly basis. This sport combines biking, running and swimming.
24 June 2019


This event is a fantastic week of surf skiing and paddlers: Downwind in perfect conditions, team race, free coaching from champions, friendly and warm atmosphere.




30 June 2019

From traditional regatta to musical concert, this event promises a breathtaking race. With the background of the northern island and a public entertained, the regatta remains one of our cultural events the popular
in Mauritius.

Organiser | Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority

07 July 2019


The DODO Trail offer three fabulous track crossing the island from the South to the West coast of Mauritius. Lovers of trails could choose between the Xtreme DODO trail (50km), the Ti DODO trail (25km) and the Mini DODO Trail (10km).

Organizer : IBL in collaboration with MTPA



14 July 2019


Mauritius Marathon AIMS and IAAF Certified races is a fantastic challenge which takes place in one of the most beautiful part of Mauritius: 20km of coastal road in the south, along one of the most beautiful lagoon and through typical coastal villages.



19 July 2019

It’s the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee (CROS) of Reunion island which initially raise the idea of organising sports games in the Indian Ocean in 1974. Two years later, It has been adopted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Originally called the Indian Ocean Games, this sports events rapidly changed the name to become the Indian Ocean Islands Games or “Les Jeux des Iles” (JIOI). Mauritius is proud to welcome more than 1500 athletes for the games which will be held around the island in July 2019.


Organiser | Ministry of Youth and Sports
27 July 2019


All the trails of UTRB are an invitation to discover the most breathtaking parts of Mauritius, across fields and forests and along mountainous paths, atop cliffs or on pristine beaches. Expert technicians have devised all tracks. An efficient and experienced team – the one that has made of the first four editions of UTRB a success – will similarly perform race management, monitoring and assistance.

Organiser: Beachcomber in collaboration with MTPA


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